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GuestSatisfaction Principle

GuestSatisfaction Principle

Our business makes a management plan to keep our guests satisfaction at the highest level and arrange it by considering our guests’ requests.
For our guests’ safety, we make insurance for our guests themselves and their vehicles while they are on our roof.
All of the products that we serve to our guests are checked by our operating manager/owner by themselves. Our business buys products that are fresh and known for their quality.
Meat products and vegetables that we serve are preserving in Different Cold Storage Depot in their ideal degrees.
The products which their due date is close or lose their freshness do not serve on our guests. You are welcome to visit our kitchen and observe our hygiene conditions.

FrequentlyAsked Questions

– Why did you take Open Buffet Breakfast off?

We switch to Mixed Breakfast based on our guests’ high requests. We also think our guests who get used to our Open Buffet Breakfast we keep refreshing our products that are on the tables without any extra cost.

– You have a lot of positive comments on the internet yet why do you have negative comments also?
When anybody wants to post anything on the internet in Maşukiye – Kartepe location, since our location, Saklı Vadi Kartepe, is one of the highest ranks on the internet people sometimes tag or comment on the wrong business. In this kind of situation, even though we inform and warn the people they mostly do not remove the comments.
In addition to that our crew sometimes cannot serve at the highest speed, or they made mistakes due to the workload density.

We ask from our beloved guests just this: If you are not satisfied with anything at all, please share with us immediately. Be sure that we are doing our best.

– Why are your prices expensive?
The concepts of expensive and cheap are concepts that vary according to conditions.
We aim to serve the best product with the best materials. Even if we do not want this situation, it is reflected in the costs. Although the prices of the products we use have increased recently, we do not change our prices. To show that we do not have a deceptive pricing policy, we post the prices of all our products on our website.